Secure Car Pick up

Positive Energy is only permitting Secure Car Pick Up

for Medical Cannabis Pre-Orders until further notice.

Registered patients/caregivers must pre-order medicinal cannabis products and drive around the dispensary to purchase their products similar to that of a pharmacy drive through. 

**per the MMCC, you may pick your pre-order up in a car, moped/motorcycle, ride share or bicycle**

Patients/Caregivers are no longer permitted inside the dispensary building.


Secure Care Pick Up is for pre-orders only. You cannot place an order in your vehicle.

Please note, the entire perimeter of the building and parking lot 

is under 24 hour recorded surveillance

to ensure safety of patients/caregivers. 

The silver security shutters to the front of the dispensary will remained closed until further notice, even when we are open for Secure Car Pick Up. 

IF THE LINE IS VERY LONG: We will close the line at 6:45pm (Mon-Fri) or at 3:45pm (Saturday).

We accept Cash or CanPay Only

(sign up for CanPay at




1) Drive to the end of our parking lot towards the orange cones (passing the dispensary) and

slowly turn left around the back of the building. There are signs to direct you in addition to the cones.

2) You will see a sign that says STOP HERE as you reach the gate. 

3) Please have your government issued photo identification ready for checkin

Please wait until you are directed by a Positive Energy Agent to pull forward.

The Agent will use the Traffic Light on the side of the building to direct. 

Red = Stop.

Green = Pull forward

4)  When the traffic light is GREEN, please pull forward

until  you reach the secure order window on your driver's side

(there is a sign to help you pull up far enough). Please have your face mask/covering on.

5) The agent within the secure pick up building will check your ID and

enter you into the system. The agent will read you back your order as they ring up all items.

Discounts are applied at the time of the sale. Rewards points may applied at the time of sale as well.

You may pay in CASH or CANPAY, a mobile debit solution

OUR ATM IS OUT OF SERVICE. you must bring enough cash.

We can provide change if you pay in cash, so it is better to have too much than too little !!!!

--- but consider signing up for  CanPay, a free mobile Debit Solution.  

You can even pay partial in cash and partially with CanPay (up to $250/day on CanPay).

(learn about 'CAN PAY' here)

6) When the transaction has been finalized, the agent will label your products

and close them in your exit bag. You will be directed to exit the gated area.

Turn left around the building and you will be back in our parking lot. Exit onto Route 50 at red light.

Thank you!

9939 Jerry Mack Road, Suite 500

Ocean City, MD 21842

Tel: 410-877-2017


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be well. stay POSITIVE