Frequently Asked Questions

Who can visit the dispensary?

Maryland registered patients and caregivers may visit the dispensary.

If you are not yet registered, please click HERE to learn how to become a patient/caregiver.

Is the dispensary safe?

Safety is of utmost importance to Positive Energy for both those who visit the dispensary as well as our team who works there. The dispensary is equipped with state of the art surveillance and alarm systems as well as a guard to ensure safety.

Is there an age requirement to become a patient?

No, there is no age requirement to become a patient.

Although there is a minimum age requirement to become a caregiver, which states an individual must be at least 21 years of age.

Do I need to make an appointment before I come to the dispensary?

No appointment is necessary! A registered patient or caregiver may visit the dispensary as many times as they wish during the dispensary's hours of operations so long as they have not exceeded their 30 day limit of cannabis products (36mg of THC OR 120grams of Flower). If you would like an appointment with Positive Energy's Clinical Director, it must be made in advance.

Is my information kept confidential and private?

Information provided by patients and caregivers will be kept confidential and subject to protection of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, and other applicable privacy laws and privileges.

How do I become a patient?

Learn how to register as a patient here.

Are you hiring for any positions?

We are not currently hiring, but will advertise any open positions in our newsletter and on our facebook page. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to never miss an update!

What are your hours?

You can find all of our hours here

Can I bring a bag into Positive Energy?

We recommend that you leave any large bags/backpacks in your vehicle unless necessary. Please note that bags may be subject to search at any time.

Can someone come with me if I am a patient?

A caregiver may only come back with a patient if that caregiver is registered to that patient through MMCC. Please read more about caregivers here.

Do you accept credit cards/debit cards?

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit nor debit cards due to legal reasons, BUT we do have an ATM on our sales floor! We also accept CanPay. Learn more about CanPay at Its free and easy to sign up to and as convenient as scanning your smart device!

Do you have an ATM?

Yes, we have an ATM on our sales floor.

Is there parking and are you handicapp accesible?

Yes, we have ample parking in front of our dispensary and we are handicapp accesible!

The product I just purchased is not working -- what do I do?

Please contact us immediately by either our email ( at any time or by phone during open hours: 410 877 2017 . You must have your receipt.

What specials or discounts do you offer?

CLICK HERE for all of our daily specials and discounts.