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We are still continuing to grow to better serve our community and we are looking for individuals to join the Positive Team. If you would like to apply, we invite you to submit both your resume and a cover letter that outlines why you believe you would make a great fit for the position you are applying for.


We are currently looking for Dispensary Agents as well as Security Agents.

[job descriptions are located further below]

Please note that the dispensary agent position currently requires a 5 day week.

The Security Agent position is part-time.


If you are unable to work 5 days a week but are still interested in possibly becoming a dispensary agent, please still feel free to send in your resume and write in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for a part time position when one becomes available.

Your Resume + Cover Letter are to be sent to

Dispensary Agent Applicants must be fully aware that there will be fairly in-depth initial intake training with comprehension quizzes, and also that on-going training is a mandatory component of this job. A willingness and openness to learn is a must. Please read the official Dispensary Agent Job Description below.

We will look through all applicants and contact you directly if we would like to schedule an interview.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must pass a background check prior to hire.

 -- in accordance with the rules of the Natalie LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission


Thank you for considering a career with Positive Energy!


Dispensary Agent:


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