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Check back at 10am! :)


1) This web page is the only place to find the shake menu and will change throughout the day in respects to current availability with a time stamp of the latest update. We will do our best to keep up with inventory movement and current availability. Please note: You cannot order this on WeedMaps and it will not be visible there. Please order from our website's Online Order Form (no account needed).


2) All shake options are first come, first serve and will likely sell out fast. 

(we have a lot of patients who signed up for the Club!) 

Remember you can always choose "substitute option" on the pre-order form and we will try our best to find a comparable replacement :) You can also request in the order for us to call you in the event something has sold out that you wanted for approval.


3) The Shake Menu is considered a 'special' and cannot be combined with other discounts/rewards. 


4) Some shake options have limitations on the amount you may purchase due to extremely low quantities. We want everyone in the club to have a chance for these favorite flower options, not just one person!! We're all patients, after all.


5) Purchases are final. We have tried our best to honestly describe the consistency of each strain option in each description. Viewing prior to purchase is not possible.

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