Renew MMCC Card + Purchase

Starting April 1st, 2019 

the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has made it mandatory for a Patient to have a tangible medical cannabis card on person in order to purchase from a licensed dispensary. Medical Cannabis cannot be sold to a patient unless they have their card physically with them, per regulation.

If you have your medical cannabis card already, please make sure you have it physically with you at time of purchase. 
If you have not yet purchased a medical cannabis card, please follow the directions below ... 

1) CLICK HERE to log in to your Patient Account.

This is the username and password you created when you first signed up as a patient in order to obtain your Patient ID number. Forgot your password? Log into the email address you signed up with and search for an email from 'MMCC.' Still can't find it? MMCC's website will let you trouble shoot through their website to re-obtain your password. Still not sure? You will need to call the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Unfortunately, Positive Energy does not have access to the state's website and cannot assist.

2) Once logged in, click the tab that says RENEW 


once you have read and agree to the statement from MMCC pertaining to the fee for the card.

4) Begin the Renewal Application by clicking the circle to confirm your information is still current.

A new photo submission is not necessary as long as information is correct.

At the bottom, you will SUBMIT the information you have approved to be true. 

5) Click  CHECK OUT to continue to online payment.

6) FILL IN YOUR BILLING INFO + then your  Payment Details

 to continue. (You're almost done!)

7) CLICK PAY and then go to the tab at the top that says ID CARD. Click the box for temporary ID card and click where it says to print the card towards the bottom. 

That's it! Thank you for reading :)

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