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How to pre order

3 Ways to PreOrder

Pre-Ordering is easy and efficient!

Place your Pre-Order on our online menu and wait for the confirmation text that your order is ready. Once you receive confirmation that your order is ready, you are welcome to come purchase it by either the Drive Thru around the back of the building OR come inside and an agent will grab your bag.

You can add products to your order if you are on the sales floor inside, but adding products at the drive thru window is not permitted.

Pre-Orders are held until the end of the next business day.

[example: place order on Monday, we will hold until close of business on Tuesday]

PAYMENT: We accept Cash, Debit Card OR CanPay


please complete our quick initial patient intake form online here.



Three ways to Pre-Order medicine:

1) Through Our Website's Interactive Menu CLICK HERE !

  • You can place an order as a guest and opt not to make an account OR you can add a password with your email address to create your account (all of this is prompted when you place an order) 

  • To check out as a guest, you will need to confirm your number through text verification. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPLOAD ANY PICTURES.

  • You can place an order through our online menu when we are closed for next day pick up. 

  • If you have not received a text that your order has been received, please email us at . We will respond ASAP

  • Click HERE for Directions on Secure Car Pick Up



Some may not appear (such as the mixer) when you place your online order.**

2) By phone, at 410 877 2017

  • If you are calling to order, please have your patient ID number (+caregiver if applicable) ready AND a list ready of what you would like to order.

  • Review our online menu by clicking here. You can click each individual item to read full descriptions on the product :)

  • We will call you back when your order is ready to be picked up by Secure Car Pick Up. You must receive confirmation that your Pre-Order is ready prior to waiting in line or it will not be ready.

  • Click HERE for Directions on Secure Car Pick Up

3) Through our WeedMaps Listing (click here)

  • You will need a Weedmaps Account

  • You must use a web browser, not the WM app, to submit an order due to Federal restrictions 

  • You will receive a text when your order is ready for Secure Car Pick Up. 

Click HERE for DRIVE THRU PICK UP Directions


Still Need Help & Having Issues Calling? 

Schedule a Call with a Positive Agent HERE


3 Things To Remember about Pre-Order Pick Ups:


1)  If you know your allotment is low //OR// if you are near the expiration date of your written certification OR MMCC card, please log in to your patient profile to check it prior to ordering.

Unfortunately with the volume of orders we receive, we cannot check every patient profile prior to their arrival.

It is your responsibility to know if your medical certification/card is still valid and if you have enough allotment to purchase what you have pre-ordered. 

All patient profiles are checked for ability to purchase upon patient arrival, per MMCC's regulations. If you have issues finding this information, you can call or email

2) Discounts (if applicable) and Rewards Points will be applied when you pay.

You will not see discounts applied in the weedmaps order total online. Weedmaps is not capable of this.

You can always ask to apply loyalty reward points to purchases when paying. Please review how many points you have prior to arrival and know how you would like them applied. Feel free to call us for your current point balance if you cannot find it on your phone/email.


3) You can purchase your pre-order at the drive thru or you can come in to the dispensary and finalize your transaction on the sales floor.

Thank you!

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