Maryland Medical Cannabis Cartridges

Many of you may have noticed the surplus of startling news headlines exclaiming the danger of vaporizing cartridges-- and with good reason! The cartridges these news stories are focusing on are either tobacco e-liquid OR black market (illegal) THC cartridges. These products are being cut with harmful liquids -- especially the illegal cannabis cartridges. By using harmful cutting agents in cartridges, illegal producers can double their money. It is also important to note that illegal producers have made very legitimate looking 'knock off' cartridges to appear like reputable brands from out west.

Patients purchasing medicinal cannabis cartridges within the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program do not have to worry about these dangers. All cartridges are independent state lab tested -- which is a reason why you should only purchase cartridges from a licensed medical cannabis dispensary and not from the black market!

Maryland's licensed processors have issued statements about the matter, some of which are as follows:

Not seeing a statement from a cartridge product you use often?

Feel free to contact us at and we will contact that company for you. We want you to feel confident with your medicine.

The only thing you should worry about is feeling better!

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