Canna-Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Wondering what to give to friends/family that are Maryland patients? -- Or is it about time you treated yourself with an early Christmas present? Either way, 'tis the season to be jolly --- and we have 5 ideas on how:

1) PEAK by Puffco

What's not to love about the Puffco Peak? First off, NO torch is necessary. This small and portable, yet solid and sturdy electric oil rig is the PERFECT temperature every single time. Thanks to its 'smart-battery,' the Peak will adjust itself to maintain the same temperature every cycle. You're able to enjoy the best flavor, every time. Using a traditional rig changes your taste and results each time. The clean up is simple and Puffco's website has videos on maintenance and cleaning.

Chris says, " This is the rig that the top quality concentrates deserve to be vaped out of to truly enjoy them at their fullest potential! I feel it also gives me a healthier dab. Taking dabs from a rig results in a sticky 'residue' of fats, lipids, and such in the rig, where with Peak I don't "burn" the whole dab--I only release the 'good stuff'."

The Peak features include: hand-blown glass; water filtration; 4 unique heat settings; 20 sec. average heat up time; Intelligent temperature calibration; Fast Charging/Long battery life; removable ceramic bowl; LED light band; rugged silicone base. The Kit includes a carb cap, extra bowl, cotton swabs, charger, and carrying case.

[ $400 (MD tax already included) ]

2) PAX 3 Complete Kit + Bonus Pack

Attractive to the eye and easily concealed, Pax 3's sleek exterior is from its highly polished anodized aluminum and fits comfortably in the hand. The complete kit features a half pack lid (great for micro-dosing!), a full-pack lid, and a concentrate lid so you can enjoy all your favorite runny-to-waxy-consistency concentrates.

Watch PAX 3's rapid head up time and temperature from the PAX 3 mobile application on your phone or tablet that links to your vaporizer via bluetooth. Temperatures can be set at the tap and swipe of the screen and pre-set heat settings can be selected from the application as well. These include Boost Mode, Efficiency Mode, Stealth Mode, and Flavor Mode. PAX 3 provides vibrations to let you know when its ready and the color of light on the front notifies you as well. Vibration and color settings can also be adjusted on your PAX 3 app. Complete Kit Includes: PAX 3 Vaporizer, Maintenance Kit, Charging Cable + Dock, two Mouthpieces, three screens, one Half-pack Oven Lid, one Multi-tool, one Carrying Case, one Concentrate Insert.

[Available in Rose Gold & Black; Holiday Bonus Kit only Available in Black. Bonus Kit/Regular Kit: $265 (MD tax already included) ]

3) Magic Flight Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a handheld flower (bud) vaporizer. The hand-made wooden box is equipped with a trench (herb chamber), a draw hole, air intake hole, and a port for the battery. The stainless steel mesh screen that sits in the trench is connected to the heating mechanism. When you push the battery into the little port, it heats up the chamber. The lid is attached to the flight box and can be slid open and close. Included in the box is two rechargeable AA batteries and the charging dock as well as a little cleaning brush. The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the lightest, simplest, smallest, & quickest flower vapes on the market. Life-time warranty & Heats up in 5 seconds.

[ Available in Walnut & Maple; $128 (MD tax already included) ]

4) OM by AirVape

The OM by AirVape is a versatile and discreet on-the-go medicating solution for those that love concentrates (wax, shatter, etc.) and pre-filled vape cartridges. The USB charger lets you easily charge your device and it comes with a little dab tool to place your concentrates on its dual quartz atomizer. Twist off the atomizer and twist on your vape cartridge of choice to change cannabis products. This high-performance vaporizer looks more like a keychain to the uneducated eye, and it features two different sized covers in order to conceal whichever type of cartridge you prefer. Five clicks at the bottom of the vaporizer turns it on while two clicks lets you toggle through pre-set voltages. Holding down the button lets you vaporize your favorite waxes and concentrates. Life-time Warranty & Heats up in 5 seconds.

[ $97 (MD tax already included) ]

5) Magical Butter Machine

Bring out your creative side this season by making your own cannabis infused edibles with the Magical Butter Machine. Infused products offer great non-smoking, discreet, and versatile options that offer longer lasting relief than merely smoking or vaporizing. The Magical Butter machine consists of a head/lid pitcher and cord, making it simple to use. Consistent temperatures and continuous agitation of the mixture throughout the entire process gives you better quality than stovetop methods. There are endless options on what you can create: butters, lotions, oils, all-natural inspect repellant, and more. Sautee vegetables, bake cookies, add to your toast, soups, etc. Personalize your products with the Magical Butter Machine.

[ $190 (MD tax already included) ]

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