5 Reasons the Magical Butter Machine is Truly Magical

Cannabis-infused edibles offer a great non-smoking, discreet, and versatile option that offers longer lasting relief than merely smoking or vaporizing. Unfortunately, edibles are not currently available in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program -- but that doesn't mean you can't make your own!

Some perceive making edibles as a daunting and difficult process. This is largely because you must decarboxylate your cannabis. By decarboxylating the flower, you activate all the THC, CBD, or CBN cannabinoids depending on what temperature and how long. So after looking up recipes on YouTube and attempting it in your own oven, what if you ruin it? What a waste of cannabis! Luckily, there's an answer to this dilemma, and its a bit magical.


But how?

Here are 5 Reasons why the Magical Butter Machine is Truly Magical:

1. There are minimum parts making it SO SIMPLE to work with.

Consisting of only the head/lid, pitcher and cord; the Magical Butter Machine could not be easier to use. It is as simple as adding softened butter, whole cannabis flower (no need to grind--the machine does it for you!) and a little lecithin powder (you can find this easily at any GNC or order online through Amazon) to maximize your absorption of the cannabinoids. Once the machine is ready, you just press a button and in two hours, BAM--your butter is ready.

2. Consistent temperatures and continuous agitation of the mixture throughout the entire process gives you better quality.

Instead of slaving over your butter the entire time it is cooking making sure to continually stir and keep the heat just right when usually creating edibles, just get everything set up and forget about it.

3. Minimal smell vs. other traditional methods.

If you have ever made cannabis butter on the stove top before, you know how time consuming, messy and smelly it can be. It can take 4-8 hours, usually makes a dark green butter, and you can literally smell it through the entire house. The Magical Butter Machine is not odorless, but the smell is drastically reduced. You will be quite pleased with it’s ease and the end result!

4. Endless options as to what you can create.

With the Magical Butter Machine you can create butters, lotions, oils, all-natural insect repellent, salves, and tinctures---with or without Cannabis (any herb will work). You can use your infused butter or oil to sautéed vegetables, season popcorn, to bake fudge, cookies and/or brownies, on your toast, in soups, etc. The Magical Butter Machine creates a world of options to not only what you can create, but also how and when you can medicate to get the most relief throughout your day. You can make CBD oil or butter to cook with that won’t be euphoric or maybe a CBN tincture that would help you sleep at night.

A great and basic, yet very versatile product to create is canna-butter. You will need a minimum of a ½ ounce of cannabis and four sticks (1 lb) of butter to create 8 tablespoons of medicated butter.

Looking for more options? You can go to the Magical Butter website HERE for a ton of recipes as well as complete explanations and directions.

5. Super simple cleaning process.

Just add water and a couple drops of soap and press the “Clean” button on the machine. Brilliant! No more messy and frustrating cleanup.

A recipe twist by Chris:

Chris used cannabis flower that had sat for awhile in order to break down the THC to the significantly more sedating cannabinoid, CBN. Thus creating 'Night Night' brownies!

Follow THIS RECIPE (click here) and use 8 tbsp cannabutter and 4 tbsp regular butter instead of 12 cannabutter. Everything else is the same. Not to mention these delectable chocolate-y brownie bites are low carb and keto friendly!

If you're upset you can't find the edible options you want in a dispensary OR you're looking to find another way to layer your medicine, the Magical Butter Machine may be a good option for you!

Magical Butter Machines are Available at Positive Energy for $190 (tax included).

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