PEP-Tips: Recipe for THC Gummies & Product Reviews from Our Patients

Our patients give us the best feedback and tips. Whether its trying a new product or making their own recipe, we've seen them have a lot of success! We want to share their success with everyone so that they may find some success of their own -- so we're starting Positive Energy Patient (PEP) Tips!

THC Edibles: Cannabis Gummies

One of our patients saw one of our previous posts on facebook about a gummy bear recipe (click for original recipe here), so she decided to modify the recipe a bit to make her own gummies! She came in and purchased the Liberty Harmony Tincture (unflavored) for this recipe.


- Harmony Tincture (unflavored) by Harmony

- Box of Jello Mix

- Packet of Unflavored Gelatin Mix

- Candy Molds

She said in the email:

"Just wanted to share my lovely gummies that I made! Literally the easiest and no time at all.

All I did was pour 3/4 cup water in a sauce pan and 1/4 in a measuring cup.

With the 1/4 cup water, you're going to mix a packet of unflavored gelatin mix and set aside.

Bring the 3/4 water in sauce pan to a light boil and mix in one packet of any flavor jello mix--I chose island pineapple.

Mix and add in your tincture, however much you need (I only did a teaspoon. All other recipes called for a table spoon).

Then you're going to take the saucepan, mix and pour into the cup we set aside with the gelatin in it. Stir till it all melts together and pour into any mold you like (I did a couple different)... I bought candy molds, but didn’t buy enough so I used a little muffin tin as well-- just make sure you grease every mold up.

Then out in fridge and chill for an hour and your done!

I absolutely loved it!"


Blue Cheese Shatter - from AFS (OG CLEAR)

--> Review & Photos from ChosenGlass

"Very potent not for inexperienced smokers for sure. This is probably the best shatter I have ever smoked. To be fair though this is my first shatter from a medical dispensary...

Very stable no trouble touching it or playing with it. Just one dab had me satisfied. Slight anxiety in the beginning but that was to be expected since I haven't had anything this potent for a little bit. I was honestly surprised this is an indica strain. It has a lot of sativa and limonene effects very uplifting and energetic. Then leads to a deep relaxation.

I can't get over the taste. It is a very strong fruity/savory taste. Doesnt taste like blue cheese in the literal sense. But is very strong in flavor like you would see in blue cheese...

It can be good for nighttime or day time in my opinion. If you have anxiety might want to start slow until you adjust to it and maybe keep some cbd around if the psychoactive effects are too strong. Once my anxiety subsides however it leaves me feeling great and happy even a little talkative, ready to get to work. After about 3 dabs over a few hours it turned less energy more relaxation. Slept through the night with no issues no waking up in panic. Actually woke up well rested and still happy."

Transdermal Patches - from Mary's Medicinals

SATIVA PATCH. A patient with severe migraines that comes to our dispensary uses the sativa patches by Mary's in the event she feels a migraine coming on. She quarters the patches in order to micro-dose until she reaches her desired level of relief. If one quarter doesn't work, she puts a second one on her wrist. She explained that the patches help eliminate the terrible nausea that accompanies her migraines. Because they are discreet and small, she can carry them with her in the event a migraine with severe nausea begins to set in before she can get home to use other cannabis products.

INDICA PATCH. A Positive Energy patient came back and exclaimed how great the indica patches worked for her insomnia. To make the patches go further, she cuts her 2 x 2 patch into 4 pieces. She likes to use a THC tincture earlier in the evening to relax and relieve some of her pain, but right before bed, she puts on a quarter of the indica patch. Because the transdermal patch micro-doses out cannabinoids over a long period of time, she is able to stay asleep throughout the night.

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