Live Resin: What It Is & How To Use It

The process of creating Live Resin requires fresh, frozen flowers from a cultivation facility that have not yet been cured or dried. Most cannabis concentrates (like shatter, wax, etc.) have been created from cannabis that has been dried and cured. So what's the big deal about Live Resin being from fresh, frozen flowers? One word -- terpenes.

Terpenes give cannabis plants their unique bouquet of aromas and flavors. During the drying and curing process that flower goes through after its harvested, many terpenes are lost. However, with Live Resin, the marijuana plant is cut down at harvest, immediately flash frozen, and then kept at frozen temperatures to preserve all the terpenes. This freezing process ensures that the plant's original aroma and flavor is perfectly preserved and available in the final product. Unless you've smelled a cannabis plant in person, this is definitely the second best way to experience the full aroma and flavor of cannabis. Many describe live resin as a product that captures the essence of cannabis.

How Do You Use Live Resin?

Because it is a concentrate, Live Resin does require a device to fully experience the product to its highest potential. Oil rigs (dab rigs) are a popular means of using many marijuana concentrates--including Live Resin. Positive Energy in Ocean City, MD carries dab rigs, dab tools, torches & more--everything to get you started!

LEAFLY: How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates

Dab rigs can be inconvenient because they require extra tools and are not very discreet. What is discreet, convenient, and comes in a variety of different sizes are vaporizers. Vaporizers can be any size from desktop to handheld and Positive Energy carries a variety of different vaporizers so that you can enjoy all types of concentrates--including Live Resin. For Live Resin concentrates, we recommend (and have in stock) the Yocan Evolve Plus, the OM, and the Vapir Rise. (read more about some of our vaporizers here)



Long lasting, energizing and uplifting effects with a tangy, fruity flavor best describes Green Crack Resin.

Commonly used for fatigue, anxiety, headaches, depression, & pain.

|| THC: 78.59%; CBG: 1.5% || Terpenes: 7.16% ||

Bubba OG x MastER Kush - Live Resin- (Indica)

Sweet, pungent aroma flows into deeply relaxing and long lasting effects from this indica live resin.

Ideal for relieving insomnia, stress, PTSD, pain, anxiety, and depression.

|| Total THC: 75.78%; CBG: 2.6% || Terpenes: 7.9% ||

Fruity Pebbles x Cinderella 99 - Live Resin Badder- (SATIVA-dominant hybrid)

This sativa-dominant hybrid offers long-lasting effects & sweet citrus musk aroma.

Uplifting effects reduce stress, depression, fatigue, migraines, ADHD, and pain.

|| THC: 73.47%; CBG: 1.6% || Terpenes: 9.21% ||


- Live Resin is made from fresh, frozen cannabis flower

- Higher Terpene Contents = More complex flavor and aroma (closer to the fresh plant)

- High Potency = long lasting, potent relief

- Requires Device = like an oil (dab) rig or concentrate vaporizer

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