Your First Dispensary Visit: What to Bring, Expect, & More

If you are getting ready to make your first visit to Positive Energy, a medical cannabis dispensary, then that means you have already registered as a Maryland patient or caregiver. (If you haven't yet, click here to learn how!) This can be both exciting and a little nerve wrecking if you've never been to one before, which is exactly why we wanted to make sure you had all the facts to get the most from your visit. Not all dispensaries will follow the same flow, but you can expect the following when you visit Positive Energy's dispensary in West Ocean City, Maryland (right on rt. 50).

1. Know Your Goal

A great way to get the most from your visit is to have an idea of what you are trying to achieve before you go. Basically, whats the goal? For example,"I have severe pain in my knees and want something to help during the day and something during the night." That is a great starting place, and you can't reach a goal unless you set a goal. It also never hurts to look at our online marijuana menu to get a better idea of what kind of medical products are available and which ones you'd like to learn more about.

2. Have your i.d. ready at Check in

When you walk in the front door, you will find yourself in Positive Energy's waiting room. The reception desk is located in the waiting area and you will need to check in with the reception agent. The agent will request your government issued identification card and, since its your first visit, will require you to fill out some basic information on a 1 page patient form and sign one other attestation form. Once checked in, you will wait in the waiting room until the reception agent calls you.

3. Explain Your Goal

You've been called and you enter a door that leads to the sales floor where a dispensary agent greets you and asks how they can help. This is when you want to explain your goal. All dispensary agents are trained on the different methods of consumption, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and the different conditions for which they can provide therapeutic relief. Once an agent learns your goal, they want to make sure it is achieved. Agents are prepared to explain the differences between different products and methods, and how a specific product/method may work better in one situation than another. In addition to a variety of medical cannabis products to choose from, Positive Energy offers a variety of different consumption devices available for purchase, such as vaporizers and pipes, so that you can purchase your medicine and the device needed to consume it.

4. grab and go: Medicine & info

Once you've decided on the products you would like to purchase that fall within your 30 day supply of medical cannabis permitted by Maryland, you will pay (side note: make sure to bring cash or sign up for CanPay, a mobile debit solution) and a patient-specific label with your information will be printed out and attached to your purchase. This shows that the medicine is for you, and you alone. You will then leave with your purchase through the door that reads 'exit' to enter back into the waiting room and then out the front door.

5. document your dosage

When first using your medical marijuana product, START LOW and GO SLOW. This means use a small, measured dose of cannabis to start and slowly increase it until you reach your desired therapeutic effect. The best way to do this is by keeping a Patient Logbook.

Patient logbooks are a great way to make the most out of Positive Energy's Clinical Director appointments. Appointments with our Clinical Director Vanessa, who is a nurse practitioner, are free for Positive Energy patients and can be made here.

Still not exactly sure how to use your cannabis product?

Contact Us -- we`ll be more than happy to help!

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