Green Deli Program

The Green Deli Program (GDP) was created thanks to our patients' request for a reusable packaging option. To help minimize some of the single use plastic at the dispensary, Positive Energy now offers reusable glass Positive deli jars that are available in 3 different sizes:

  • 3.5 - 7 gram Jar,

  • 7 - 14 gram Jar, and

  • 14 - 28 gram Jar.

How do I begin to participate in the program?

Simply purchase 3.5 grams or more of one type of flower on deli as you usually would, but request to purchase a Positive Glass Deli Jar.

How much is the Positive Deli Glass Jar?

The Positive Jar, when purchased with the corresponding flower grams, is discounted to:

$1 for 3.5 - 7 gram jar,

$2 for 7 - 14 gram jar, and

$3 for 14 - 28 gram jar.  


[Please note, purchasing the jar without the corresponding flower weight will be a higher price]


[For the jar discount, the jar must be filled with at least 3.5g for the 3.5g jar discount,

7g for the 7g jar, and 14g for the 14g jar] 

Your Flower from Deli

for your Positive Jar

Why should I participate?

First off: You are helping show support for a green initiative within the cannabis community to help reduce single use plastic consumption.

Second: Overall quality. Your flower continues to cure in the jars while the vibrant SATIVA-HYBRID-INDICA labeled lids ensure you never mix up your flower.

Third: You receive $1 rebate when you bring your jar back to reuse for the purchase of 3.5 grams of flower or more. You receive $1 rebate for each jar you bring back and fill each jar with 3.5 grams or more of flower.

Will you  GO GREEN  in 2019 with us?

1. Your glass Positive jar must be cleaned prior to bringing it back to reuse it.  This means no flower fragments/shake/leaves/etc. and the jar must not contain any liquid.
2. The glass Positive jar must have its Positive Energy lid and is in good condition -- meaning it has no breaks/hazardous edges or is broken.
3. The $1 rebate is applicable only to a deli flower purchase that is over 3.5 grams and must be placed in the Positive Jar that was brought back. Rebate not applicable if: flower purchase is under 3.5 grams and Positive Jar is not present. Rebate not applicable when purchasing the glass jar.
Positive Energy reserves the right to refuse any glass Positive Jars if deemed unsanitary/unsafe/not to protocol and compliance. Once the flower type and weight is confirmed on the scale and transferred to the patient's glass jar, it is considered purchased by the patient and cannot be changed/exchanged.  
PROGRAM Details:

9939 Jerry Mack Road, Suite 500

Ocean City, MD 21842

Tel: 410-877-2017


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